President Rick Pipes called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Devotions were given by Don Kamban. No guests were present for the meeting.

Proclamations for Denominations: Rick Pipes is taking suggestions on Christmas gift ideas for his wife.  Michelle Ramsell is celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary next Tuesday. Sam Hitchcock wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Joe Vaughn commented on how good the new Storybook Lane sign looks on North Broadway. Kiley Kendall had a successful Grand Opening/Open House.

Today's meeting did not have a speaker scheduled and Rick Pipes indicated there were a few housekeeping items.

We are ordering membership cards that can be carried with you to show your membership in our Rotary Club. Hans Fisher had requested these for when he is traveling. Information was passed around the club and everyone was in agreement that this was a good idea.

Carey gave Rick the Rotary Shelter Campaign info that came in the mail. Rick expressed that this campaign helps individual families vs another campaign (such as the Well campaign) that could help an entire village. The information was passed around the room. Rick said unless Rotary International is pushing this campaign we would pass .

Rick brought up the fact that his term is expiring in June. He indicated that Travis will more than likely take over as President and that Travis had mentioned Kiley Kendall as VP. Kiley is currently serving as secretary. One way or another we need somenoe to step up to fill a board position.

The group discussed a membership campaign. Rick would like to hold this in between January and the Healthfair. He asked for a volunteer to step up and run this specific campaign. Rich Geib brought it to the groups attention that previous campaigns were not successful due to follow through issues. Rick requested we email him privately with any questions or concerns.

Joe Vaughn expressed that everything we do needs to reflect "Rotary" and that he is disappointed that it does not. He mentioned the Quaker project and asked that we somehow tie what we did together with the Quaker - i.e a sign in the box office.

Joe also mentioned that he misses the Rotary Christmas cards. Rick pointed out that we need people to lead these efforts.

Carey brought up the fact that Storybook Lane is in need of some attention. Again, Rick stated we need a committee to handle this.

Rich asked for an update on the Heritage Foundation. Rick said that he is frustrated and it seems like we are at a standstill. He has called to follow up multiple times with no response. He is going to drop by.

Carey asked for an update on the Frontier Grant. Rick gave an overview of the committee and the project.

Michelle asked for a date for the HealthFair - Carey indicated it is March 14th.

 This is the last meeting for 2014. See you next year!!