May is always a busy month for RTY at Tuscora Park.  The Park’s summer season is traditionally kicked off over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. 
That means the Rides, Concessions, Amphitheater, and Youth Center operated by RTY are gearing up for the busiest time of the year.  Adding to the anticipation this year is the transition in Management Staff for three of RTY’s Tuscora Park operating areas.
Left to right:  Joe Stephon, Jordyn Starkey, Jim Hobart, and Greg Rees
Stepping into the Concession Stand Manager’s role is Lindsey Nicholson.  A 12-year-veteran of the “Stand”, Lindsey began working there as a college student and in recent years served as an adult Supervisor.  Now as Manager, she’s responsible for recruitment, training, and scheduling of the staff, mostly area teenagers.  In addition she purchases food and supplies needed to serve the thousands of Park-goers who enjoy burgers, ice cream, and snacks served at the Concession Stand.  It’s a challenge she feels well prepared to meet.
“I’ve worked here for many years, learning the ropes from Colleen Hostetler who managed the Stand for decades,” Lindsey said.  “Colleen is helping me get things ready to go this spring and I’ve very grateful for her help and guidance.”
Left:  Lindsey Nicholson
A teacher at Tuscarawas Central Catholic High School, Lindsey also serves on the staff of the New Philadelphia High School Marching Band.  “I work with teenagers at school and in the band every day so I’m confident the staff here and I will work well together in my new role.”
Over at the amusement rides, Joe Stephon has been named Rides Operations Manager while Jim Hobart is now Rides Maintenance Manager.  Assisting Joe in Ride Operations will be Ed Marsh and Alicia Norman.  Jim’s son Ty is assisting his father in maintenance responsibilities.
Joe Stephon is employed by the East Central Ohio Educational Resource Center as a teacher at the Star Alternative School.  Like Lindsey Nicholson in Concessions, Joe will be managing a staff of teenage employees, something that’s certainly in his comfort zone.
“This is the age group I have at school and am very familiar and comfortable with,” Joe said.  He’s taking over training, scheduling, and supervision of Ride operators from Bud Scholles, who retired over the winter.  “It’s been a smooth transition so far and I’m very pleased with the number and quality of experienced ride operators returning for the summer as well as those new to the staff.”
Stepping into the role of Ride Maintenance Manager is Jim Hobart who’ll be assisted by his son Ty Hobart.  Jim is about to retire from his full-time job in the City of Dover Cemetery Department.  He’s very experienced with the vintage Tuscora Park Rides, having worked as a Maintenance Assistant for many years.

“I did a lot of work helping with the rebuilding of the Ferris Wheel and look forward to getting it into operation for this summer,” Jim said.  “I’ve been working on preventative maintenance on all the rides over the winter and believe they’re going to be ready to open for Memorial Day and the rest of the summer.”
As Manager of the Park Place Youth Center, Jordyn Starkey is not new to RTY’s Tuscora Park operations.  What is new is her role as RTY Operations Director.  That will be an expansion of her current position at the Youth Center.  Jordyn will support the other RTY Managers especially in the areas of employee timekeeping, Ride maintenance documentation, and financial reporting.  But the Youth Center continues to be her primary focus at Tuscora Park.
Left to right:  Joe Stephon, Jordyn Starkey, Jim Hobart, and Greg Rees
“I’m really excited about the program of summer events and activities we’ve put together,” Jordyn said.  Now in her third year as Youth Center Manager, Jordyn has increased financial support through program sponsorships and increased participation in events.
“To learn more about upcoming Youth Center events, check our website: as well as the Tuscora Park Facebook page,” she said.
The RTY Board of Directors begins the year with new leadership as well.  Greg Rees of New Philadelphia was elected Board Chairman earlier this year.  A retired engineer, Greg spearheaded the complete rebuilding of the century-old Ferris Wheel and had a hand in helping other Tuscora Park Rides comply with more stringent State of Ohio regulations for their operation and maintenance.
“With the new leadership of our Ride, Concessions, and Youth Center, I feel very positive about the future of RTY’s Tuscora Park operations,” Greg said.  “We’re implementing a more pro-active ride maintenance plan and will have all our summer employees become more focused on customer service and building good relationships with the public.  Joe and Mindy Croft are ready to launch another season of Summer Showcase Concerts at the Amphitheater to round out RTY’s Park operations.”
Formed in 1985 by the Rotary Club of New Philadelphia, the non-profit RTY, Inc. operates Rides and Concessions at Tuscora Park under contract with the City.  The Youth Center opened in 2000 at a Teen Center and transitioned to a Youth Center in 2020.  The RTY Summer Showcase presents free Sunday evening concerts at the Park’s Amphitheater during the summer. 
The RTY Board of Directors is comprised of members of the Rotary Club of New Philadelphia who serve as volunteers in all phases of the RTY operations.
Since it began, RTY has invested operating profits of more than $1.0 million back into the Rides and other Tuscora Park facilities.  In addition, more than $3.0 million in donations from local companies, foundations, businesses, and individuals have flowed through RTY and into many Tuscora Park projects like the Carousel, Mini Golf Course, Amphitheater, playgrounds, Youth Center building, and Boardwalk.